Super Bowl in Puerto Vallarta

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If there is an event that we’re anxious for, that has to be the Super Bowl. And that’s why we have to come up with the ideal place that brings out our sports spirit and of course, the party animal that we keep inside.

Puerto Vallarta has the widest variety. The thousands of North American tourists that we get, make this day (this year celebrated next Sunday, February 3rd) one of an incomparable ambiance and when we’re talking about two of the greatest teams such as New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, we’re certain that this will be a sports party like no other. But wait, let’s not forget that Mexicans also love the NFL and that is no secret that we know how to party.

The screens at the sports bars, restaurants and bars all around town will be more than ready for this event and it’s the perfect day for a special deal. For example, we can assure you that at Zapata Antojería and Bar, you will enjoy more than a great game, you will fall in love with their dishes mixing the best of the American and Mexican cuisine. You get the whole package!

But hey! We have yet another good reason to look forward to this weekend and that’s National Pizza Day on February 9th and an anticipated celebration is never out of place! At Reggae Pizza you’ll have a glorious day with their unlimited topping pizzas that will leave your stomach good and ready for the beers to come.

And last but not least, don’t forget that music always gets along with the Super Bowl. We’ll warm up with legend Gladys Knight, who will perform the National Anthem this year and Maroon 5 will be in charge of the half time show, which makes us super excited since one thing we’ve learned about this event, is that we can expect something spectacular that will put us in the mood to keep partying at a Zona Romántica bar. Perfect plan!

Here some of our members suggestions to watch the game

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